Turquoise Nugget choker

Turquoise Nugget choker

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If you’ve been looking for something simple and sweet, I’ve got you covered. 

This sweet little choker necklace has a small Sierra Nevada turquoise nugget right in the middle of a sterling silver rolo chain. 

Be sure to measure your neck with a soft measuring tape and wiggly it around to see what length you are most comfortable with. 

*Please note each nugget will vary in color and slightly in size. 

How to measure for your choker:

Take a measuring tape or a piece of string that you can measure up to a regular later.

Wrap the measuring tape or string and wrap it around your neck. Adjust it till it’s comfortable where you’d like the choker to sit. Use that measurement for your choker, this is also a great way to measure where different chain lengths will sit on you if you aren’t sure.

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